Event Seating

The seating arrangement at your event is a deciding factor in making or breaking the event. The venue for any event is chosen after examining the layout and the space available.  However, venue seating charts are often deceiving and are not good measures of how many people can be placed or seated comfortably. Before event planners… Read More Event Seating

Unplug Your Event

With people being inseparable from social media, it’s safe to say that technology has taken over our lives. When it comes to events, the more shares/photos/tweets you get, the better right? Wrong. Although event planners find it extremely important to promote their work through all platforms available, they must give a thought about the actual… Read More Unplug Your Event

Types of Corporate Events – How many do you know?

The event management industry is a complex & dynamic environment, and comprises of a wide variety of events. In this post today, we intend to focus on the kinds of corporate/business events that event planning agencies often organize. Conferences and Seminars: Seminars and conferences can focus on internal operations and be limited only to your… Read More Types of Corporate Events – How many do you know?