Justin Bieber’s Demands. A brilliant marketing gimmick?

Bieber came across as unbeliebable even to the beliebers!

Justin Bieber will perform for the first time in India on May 10. Days before the show, a list of bizarre ‘demands’ made by the singer went viral.

Some of these demands include:

1. Transport:

A Rolls Royce and a jet for himself. Two Volvo buses for his 120-member crew.

2. Necessities

His five-day tour demands a  ping-pong table, a Playstation, IO HAWK, a sofa set, washing machine, refrigerator, cupboard and a massage table.

3. Stay

Two 5-star hotels have been booked for his accommodation. Justin wants the room to be decorated with purple carnations, and lilies are a strict no-no.

4. Comfort

Because of the obvious tiring routine, the Boyfriend crooner might want to practice yoga and has asked for his room to be supplied with aromatic oils, incense sticks, and books on chakras and yoga asanas. Like this wasn’t enough, a masseuse is being called in from Kerala for him. His demands also include wild berries and vanilla room-fresheners, Dove body wash and hydrating lip balms–we know the secret behind that glowing skin, finally.

5. Decor

The pop star wants the dressing room to be draped in white curtains and must have a glass-door refrigerator. The refrigerator must have these few thing at all times–twenty-four bottles of still and alkaline water each, four energy drinks, six vitamin water bottles, six cream sodas, four natural juices, four vanilla protein drinks and half a gallon of almond milk.

6. Food

This is only a part of the menu – vegetables seasoned with ranch sauce, diced fruit, organic bananas and seedless grapes, a deli platter of organic turkey, lettuce, Colby and provolone cheese, black olives and green and banana peppers.

7. Backstage

The backstage requirements include white sliced bread, potato chips, mint and watermelon gum, white cheddar popcorn, Ghiradelli dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds, menthol and watermelon gum, vinegar chips, organic dried fruit, peanuts, and all berries cereal. He has also listed some special treats like a large pack of Swedish Fish, boxes of Ritz Bitz peanut butter and cheese sandwiches and multiple packs of Haribo Cola Gummies – let’s just hope that’s all.

8. Clothing

Apart from the glass-door refrigerator loaded with food items in his dressing room, Justin requires two packs of plain white crew-neck tees (in sizes XS and L), two packs of white tank tops (sizes L and XL) and three packs of white low-rise socks (sizes XS and L).

This list has been shared all over conventional and unconventional media triggering conversation about how the organizers are fucked and what luxury looks like and what a waste and how amazing the performance might be and all and all.

What we think…

As much as the list is made out to be a magnified piece for scrutiny, a majority of it are basic necessities artists expect when performing and something which organizers expect from the start.

The more outrageous demands are what go with the celebrity value Bieber brings to the table, evident from the fact that people purchase tickets priced between 50,000 – 75000.

What amazes us as event managers ,(of course assuming this was leaked on purpose and we do not understand how so many members of the press can just stumble upon information not available so publicly)  is the virality this list has gathered within main stream media and how the popularity of the event has soared within 24 Hours. Yes, there are negative comments and yes there is some bad publicity, but as they say, no publicity is bad publicity.

 We see this as a master stroke as far as marketing the event is concerned as it has reached more people than even paid media did, which in all honesty was not up to the mark and we doubt was generating any conversions.
What do you think?

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