5 Ideas to help you keep your audience Interested!

a cocktail reception allows guests to relax and unwind

An event is considered one of the best media to showcase and promote one’s services and products effectively.

This is done through delivering quality content, in a closed environment to a concentrated audience. That audience is there only on account of your Invitation.

It is important then, that in order to maintain audience concentration, a healthy level of interaction be planned. This in order to ensure, that their mind stays fresh and ready for a day of conferencing and networking.

This is what can be termed as an Ice Breaker / Energizer / Team Bonding exercise / Filler activity. There are a lot of activities which can be planned in order to veer away from the regular day of conferencing to include a few minutes of fun, which essentially allows your attendees to either break the ice, take in the content already spoken about or just take their mind off all formalities and have fun.

We  have managed many in the past, and have been able to get a good response from the crowd attending.

Here are some of the activities conducted by us in the past.

Drum Circle :

a fun event energizer activity with drums can raise the audience spirits

Wikipedia defines Drum Circle as The main objective being to share rhythm and get in tune with each other and themselves. To form a group consciousness. To entrain and resonate.”

Implementing that exact concept within an event can help bring together your entire audience and have them perform one common tune, which creates a feeling of togetherness and is a great ice-breaker. The Drum Circle can be conducted at the beginning or at the end of a conference / seminar / product launch or pretty much any event having a closed door setting.

Flash Mob :

Guests at the event really enjoyed an impromptu performance to bollywood songs

If you are the type of company who likes to surprise their audience, then the Flash Mob is the way to go. “A group of people who assemble suddenly, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief time, before quickly dispersing”.

This is an ideal way to get your audience energized and can be done at regular intervals all through the day.

It not only energizes your audience, but has the ability to quickly transform a formal corporate environment to a fun and unconventional setting and then moving back to a formal environment again.

Skit :

A skit performed as part of the event agenda can be a refreshing treat for the audience

These are usually included within the event agenda itself and can or cannot be product specific. Short skits fitted between presentations can be a great media in putting forth a message to your audience, but through a live performance and not through a presentation slide. Although, this is a tricky form of communication, using humor within the skit is a great way to go about it. The impact a skit would create would entirely depend on the actors performing the skit, hence choose wisely.

Mentalism / Illusionist:

a mentalist can provide an experience for the people present at the event

An illusionist / mentalist is another great way to keep your audience engaged. Having the illusionist/mentalist take the stage and perform in between presentations can be very engaging and entertaining for the audience. You can have the illusionist / mentalist customize their act as per your company products and have them plan short acts in-between presentations to keep the audience gripped.

Fillers by the Master of Ceremonies :

The emcee can keep the crowd engaged in between sequences

This is perhaps the most common amongst all companies as far as energizer activities is concerned. The MoC can actually make or break your event. Choosing the correct person for the job is critical in order to prevent your audience from losing interest in the day’s proceedings. It is critical that in between presentations, the MoC creates a list of fillers which can be used at regular intervals during the day, just so that your audience does not lose interest in the content you are trying to deliver to them.

It takes you months of planning and timely follow-ups to actually get your audience to attend your event. The last thing you would want is for your audience to come there and you not getting enough value from it. Hence, we always recommend to our clients to plan these activities within the agenda and it has given us great results in the past.


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