What Entertains you at a Corporate Event?

Businesses and associations invest in events to communicate their message, motivate the audience and strengthen the bond they have towards the organization. The entertainment at these events brings people into the moment and unites them in a tangible way.

To get the most out of your corporate entertainment you must make sure that:

• Your entertainment idea will impress guests and ensure that the event is talked about.

• You use entertainment that can incorporate your logo or corporate message.

• You are aware of the latest entertainment trends

[Courtesy: eventmanagerblog.com]

Here’s a look at some corporate entertainment ideas that we used at our past events:

Flair bartending is an unconventional type of entertainment which captures everybody’s attention.
The tricky and dazzling ways in which the professional flair bartenders manipulated the bar tools, helped in bringing the dispersed crowd together and held their interest, while also falling in sync with the party’s Arabian theme.

An Italian hair care and beauty product label launched in India. Their objective was to tap big chain salons through workshops and seminars. The launch had a regular workshop and a fashion show attended by celebrity hair dressers, but the Golden Wing Dancers’ graceful performance cranked the entertainment up by a notch.
A Channel Partners Meet which was a commonplace launch event, was turned into an interactive experience by us. For the launch sequence,the conventional DJ was replaced by a corporate percussion group, who made every person present, feel like a part of the launch with their fast paced and high energy performance.
Sand artists have taken the corporate entertainment scene by storm – these talented artists perform custom made sand animations. For a product launch, this sand artist depicted the history of the company beautifully through sand art.
Live performances at corporate events establish a visceral connection between the artist and the viewer. The viewers focus on different nuances and moments of the performers, which lasts long in their minds.
Cultural performances enhance the ambience of a corporate event and make it more engaging for the people present, by helping them relax and enjoy. A seasoned, professional and classical performer can create that, with his powerful and expressive live performance.


Entertainment for corporate events needs to be targeted specifically towards key target audiences, ensuring that it is suitable for guests and attendees.

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